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* Frequently Asked Questions *

Creator & Site Policy

Sunni Designs creator policy:
My general, overall policy is to do whatever you like with my creations except upload them to a pay website or charge money for them. I create items for the game for fun and share them freely. I expect any derivative creation to also be shared freely with the same policy. It would be nice to receive credit for my efforts or even a message letting me know you have improved/changed/used/made something new, but neither is required.


Recommended websites for game help and information:

  • Clean Installer - Free program for viewing and installing Sims2 package files
  • CEP - Free utility for custom objects to appear and function in the game
  • Mod the Sims 2 (MTS2) - Help, tutorials and free downloads

Recommended websites for downloads, hacks & mods:




Download & Installation Issues

Lot/Game Compatibility - Which expansion packs/stuff packs do I need?
Every lot page lists which expansion packs are required for the lot to show up and function properly in your game. If you do not have the correct expansions needed for the lot it may not show up in your game or may cause it to crash. At this time NO stuff packs are used in building of any lots.

How do I download a file?
Simply click on the download icon or text. Each download is in .rar format and will need to be extracted prior to installation.

What is a .zip or .rar file?
The .zip or .rar formats are merely ways of compressing a file for faster transfer speed. Most Sims2 websites will have custom content for the game shared in either format. You will require a program to extract the enclosed Sims2 package file from the .zip or .rar archive. There are many free, easy-to-use programs available on the web. 7-Zip is recommended for opening .zip and .rar files.

How to install the lot?
Once you have unzipped your package file you need to double-click it for installation. The game must not be running at the time. Sims2 has a native installer that will input the lot and all custom content directly into your game.

The disadvantage to using the game's native installer is that you cannot see how many or what kind of custom content that will be added to your game. Anything will be installed, even hacks or unwanted files. This can clutter your downloads folder or lead to content conflicts (game errors). Clean Installer is a recommended free program that will allow you to review Sims2 package files such as lots before installing them into the game.

Note that all lots offered on this site are created in a 'new' game with only the necessary custom content included. All package files are checked with Clean Installer prior to sharing them. Custom content is listed on the lot page.

How to install other types of files such as Objects or Recolors?
Remove the file from the archive and place directly in your Sims2 -> Downloads folder. Any specific instructions are listed on the download page.

Game play problem: Flashing Blue Objects
Typically this means that you have removed or never installed custom objects into the game. You can delete the flashing object and save the lot. Or, if you do not want to remove that item exit the lot without saving. Install the needed object into your Sims2 Downloads folder with the game not running. Run the game and check to see if the object now appears correctly.

How do I turn objects at a 45 degree angle?
Many of the lots on this site feature furniture and other objects at an angle, and as a result this question gets asked all the time. It is done with a cheat. Press control+shift+c and type boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true and enter. Now you can move furniture at an angle. However, not every object will function for Sims at an angle. You will need to experiment.

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